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A Time Team Dig on Anglesey
On 4th February 2007 Channel 4’s Time Team excavated a rectangular earthwork near Werthyr Farm, Amlwch. They concluded that this was similar to other sites on the Island and probably dated from the middle to late Iron Age, when Anglesey was the last refuge of the Druidical religion.

The Team was intrigued by the aerial photograph of crop marks showing what appeared to be evidence of human activity. One such mark was rectangular and proved difficult to identify. It was thought  that the site was a complex one representing many phases of occupation between the Iron Age and the Roman conquest of the Island.

The Team was able to show that, despite a dearth of dating evidence, the site had been in use at least 2000 years before the Roman invasion of Anglesey. A Bronze Age  burial found at the centre of the earthwork was evidence of this. It could have been the home of an important Iron Age Chieftain, but much of the material had been destroyed by agricultural activity and no clear clear structure emerged from the finds.

It was clear that it was quite an important Iron Age settlement with ditches, embankments, tracks and fields which were in use before the Roman Invasion, but the site probably went out of use after this time.
The report is available in full on the Time Team site.

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(Time Team  4th Feb 2007)
Werthyr Stone
Drawing of crop marks
The Iron Age