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ACCORDING to the Life of Gildas by the monk of Ruys, Alleccus, or Allectus, was a brother of that saint. He says :

"Mailocus, Alleccus and Egreas, with their saintly sister (Peteova), after condemning all the wealth and luxuries of the world, strove with the whole bent of their soul to reach the celestial country, and devoted their lives to fastings and prayers. At last they were called to God, and received the reward of their labours. They were buried in the oratories which they had built, and are preserved there, famous am illustrious for their constant miracles, and destined to rise again in glory."

Alleccus, or Allectus, there can be hardly a doubt is the Gallgo, Gallgof ab Caw, of the Welsh pedigrees, to whom Llanallgo, a chapel  subject to his brother's church, Llaneugrad, in Anglesey, is dedicated. Gallgo was for a while a saint at Llantwit and  Llancarfan. He appears to be the Calcas ab Caw who is mentioned in the Tale of Culhwch and Olwen as having been in the service of King Arthur. Probably, owing to the insults dashed in the face of Maelgwn Gwynedd by Gildas, his brother, Alleccus may have been forced to leave Anglesey, and then perhaps retired to Ireland for a time. Colgan conjectured  that he is the saint named Oilleoc in the Irish Martyrologies, but hesitated between him and Elloc, one of the reputed sons of Brychan.
St Gallgo
Ynys Llanddwyn.


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