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Eglwys St Eilian Llaneilian SH469929


North doorway late 15th Cent. East window late 15th Cent. St Eilian’s Chapel east window late 14th or early 15th Cent. Painting on rood loft. Carving on screen late 15th early 16 Cent. Bench end late 15th Cent.  Carved figure late 15th Cent. Chest 1667. Shrine base late 15th Cent.

Eglwys St Eleth Amlwch SH442929


Memorials to David Lloyd, Lhwydiarth 1651, Howell Lewis of Gwredog 1683, John ap Rhys ap Dafydd ap Llm 1568, William Lewis of Trysglwyn 1743. Church plate early to mid 18th C.

Eglwys St Eugrad Llaneugrad  SH495842


Crucifixion 13th Century. Font 12th Century. Stoup near N. Doorway. Panel part of pulpit on N. Chancel wall ornamented 1644. Many interior memorials.

Eglwys St Fair Bodewryd SH400906


Church has Islamic features. Bell 1747. Brass recording Queen Anne’s Bounty S. Wall chancel. Many memorials. Part of oak table top Latin inscription and date 1611.

Eglwys St Gallgo Llanallgo SH501851


Bell late 13th Century. Bell inscription late 13th Century +AVE MARIA GRACIA PLENA+. Communion table (modern top) originally 1726. Memorials interior. Exterior memorial to Royal Charter victims.

Eglwys St Gwenllwyfo Llanwenllwyfo SH477893


Brass to Marcelie Lloyd 1609. Windows of chancel and nave contain reset Flemish glass dated 15th or 16th C. Plain silver cup 1711-12.

Eglwys St Mihangel Llanfihangel Tre’r Beirdd Capel Coch SH459837


Memorial to John Lewis 1745. Gravestone 13th to 14th C. Early medieval gravestone.

Eglwys St Mihangel Penrhosllugwy SH481859


Inscribes stone HIC IACIT / MACCVDECCETIU (D reversed) S. Wall chancel. Communion table mid 17th C. Memorials. Remains of cross exterior inscription R W G O 1710.

Eglwys St Padrig Cemaes SH368931

Eglwys St Peirio Rhosbeirio (Disused - in private ownership)

Eglwys St Tyfrydog Llandyfrydog SH443853


East Window late 15th Century. Chancel arch circa 1400. Communion table 18th C. Elizabethan plate.  18th C sundial in churchyard.  Many interior memorials.

Eglwys St Padrig Llanbadrig SH376946


East Window 16th Century. Font 12th Century. Gravestone 9th to 11th Centuries. Cup 1573-74. Church has Islamic features.

Eglwys St Mechell Llanfechell SH369913


Arch and S. Trancept 14th C. Chancel window N. Wall 13th C. Tower 16th C. Font 12th C. Gravestone late 13th C. Communion cup  work of Hans Zeiher of Nuremberg late 16th C. Silver gilt cover platten 1680. Many memorials interior Communion table 18th C. Font 12th C.

Eglwys St Fflewyn Llanfflewyn SH349891


Medieval gravestone  beginning HIC JACET MADOCUS circa 1300. Elizabethan silver cup 1574. Pitch pipe and collecting shovel wood late 18th C. Many interior memorials.

Twrcelyn Deanery